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As we continue to discuss Responsibility this month, what are some ways parents and guardians can build responsibility in children at home?  Just waking up your child and sending them out the door isn't enough to build responsibility and prepare them for a successful day of school.  Creating a quick checklist for your child to complete before walking out the door each school morning is a great way to set them up for success.  What might be some items to include on that checklist? What time does school start? What time do you have to leave to arrive at school or at the bus stop on time? Do you have your lunch or lunch money in your backpack? Is completed homework in your backpack? Are there any papers that need to be signed by a parent or guardian that need to be returned to school? These are just a few ideas to make sure your child is ready for the school day.  Some items could be completed in the evening prior to bed time to ensure a seamless morning routine.   In looking back at this list, I do believe there are some lessons for me to ponder to ensure I have a drama-free morning as well.    Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
Posted by mheinecke  On Oct 12, 2017 at 11:22 AM 1 Comment