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At school this month, we are focusing on Responsibility.  Children need to learn that they are responsible for their actions and that their choices make a difference in not only their lives, but in others' lives as well.  How can adults help at home with cultivating responsibility in their children? Be aware of what your child does right.  Make the connection between studying hard and earning a good grade. Recognize connections between actions and consequences.  Point out the connection between going to bed too late and oversleeping, therefore, being unprepared for school. Reflect on choices.  Realize that children can make positive or negative choices.  For example, what would be a positive choice if a friend wants to play before homework is completed? Consider consequences and keep track of behaviors.  Did a positive choice lead to a positive reward?  Did a negative choice lead to a negative outcome?  Talk with your child about each scenario.  Reward your child for positive choices. Encouraging responsible behavior and showing that you care about decisions made by your child can lead to a pattern of positive decision-making.  We encourage positive behaviors at school through our SOAR initiative and hope positive behaviors are encouraged at home as well! Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
Posted by mheinecke  On Oct 05, 2017 at 11:36 AM