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As well all know, respect extends to all people~especially those who we consider different than us.  Getting along with others and making friends goes more smoothly if we all show respect toward those around us.  Furthermore, having positive relationships allows focusing on learning to come much easier for students in school. What are some ways as adults we can help our students and children respect those who might be a bit different?  Here are ways to think about those who are different: some people might have had an illness or accident that causes them to have their disability.  Others might have been born that way even though a person has a disability, they also have MANY abilities.  People in wheelchairs can do things you might not be able to do. look for similarities with those who are different.  For example liking the same sport, game, or musical artist. ask questions politely.  Children should know that it might be okay to ask questions if they are polite and respectful. And as a parting thought, as adults we need to think about our reactions to people with disabilities.  How do we react to and treat those who are different? Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
Posted by mheinecke  On Sep 21, 2017 at 9:28 AM