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In this day and age, we talk a lot about respect.  At school, we teach lessons and model for our students how to show respect to others. In fact, the R in SOAR stands for Respect.  How can parents and guardians help their own children think about ways to show respect for all people?  Together, you could make a mobile highlighting the importance of respect as well as to demonstrate ways to live out respect in our daily lives. 1.  Listen to others without interrupting. 2.  Use polite words. 3.  Follow the rules. 4.  Learn about the customs of other people. 5.  Take care of our environment. 6.  Don't use put-downs~about others or yourself. Use this list as well as other ideas you may have to create your mobile.  Cut out colored construction paper and draw a picture of each item from the list.  On the reverse side of the picture, write a few words explaining the picture.  Punch holes in each piece of construction paper and use yarn to tie each piece to a hanger.   When you are talking about respect at home you can use this mobile as a guide.  Remember:  it takes all of us to ensure respect is taught for this generation and others! Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
Posted by mheinecke  On Sep 11, 2017 at 8:52 AM 3 Comments