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As we begin the month of November, we switch our focus from Responsibility to Cooperation.  It is difficult to think, but cooperation doesn't come naturally to everyone.  This month at school we will spend some time talking about how we can cooperate with others and the benefits of cooperation. While we are working on Cooperation at school, what are some things that can be done at home that will build skills and promote learning at home? 1.  Get Active.  Healthy bodies = healthy minds.  Take your child on walks, play outside at the community playground, shoot hoops.  When you are finished, have a healthy snack to nourish the body. 2.  Connect.  Introduce yourself to your child's teacher.  Ask your child what he or she is learning at school~everyday!  The more you ask, the more your child will realize you care about the learning happening at school. 3.  Be Creative.  Play fun and educational games with your child.  Activities such as coloring, finger-painting, and cooking can boost your child's smarts in school as well as create fun memories! 4.  Play Together.  Spend time putting together puzzles, play a board game, crank up the music and dance.  Don't underestimate the value of these simple activities. 5.  Cuddle.  Ensuring your child feels safe and loved is paramount to any learning that happens.  The safer your child feels, the more confident he or she will be outside of the home. Promoting learning at home is easier than you might think.  It simply takes a little time and lots of love! Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
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If looking at the Supply List for a new school year makes you sweat, you aren't the only one.  How can you make sure your child has a successful school year?  Below you will find a few ways to ensure a smooth start to this and every school year: Set a schedule in your household.  Make sure your child goes to bed and wakes up on a regular schedule.  This routine should be started prior to the first day of school! Provide a healthy breakfast.  This is such an important piece that we even provide free breakfast for all children at school. Create a homework habit.  Make sure your child sets aside time for studying every day~even if it simply reading for 10 minutes a day.  Also, help your child break down larger homework projects into manageable doses. Ask questions.  Encourage your child to ask the teacher questions for clarification.  Contact the teacher if you have questions yourself!  Communication is the key to success.   Talk it up.  Everyday, ask your child questions about what he is learning in school.  Ask your child to explain confusing concepts to you.  This will help you and your child learn! These are only a sampling of ways to ensure a successful start to the school year.  The above topics will be addressed with more depth and clarity throughout the school year. Here is to another great school year! Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
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