Showing Up Gets You Closer to Your Goal 
Going to school everyday is one of the most important habits a child can learn at a young age.  As we embark on 2017, it is time to examine how school attendance has been for your child.  Research shows that regularly missing school can hurt both those students who miss school as well as their classmates.

Missing school leads to multiple issues in the learning process.  When a child misses school, they miss out on learning and have a more difficult time catching up to their peers.  Most disciplines build on previous knowledge, so missing even one day can have a significant impact on future learning making it easier for a child to fall behind in the classroom.

Missing school leads to lower levels of achievement throughout their school years and can even lead to absenteeism when a child ages and is old enough to hold a part-time job.  For example, by the time a child reaches 6th grade, if they have missed one day/week, they are more likely to drop out of high school.

So, how does this impact a child's classmates?  When a child misses class, often the teacher will repeat material or pay extra attention to the child who has missed class.  Both of these acts take away from the learning process and progression of the entire classroom.  Additionally, missing school has more than a negative academic impact, it has a negative social impact on a child.  Building friendships, learning how to work with others, and developing responsibility are also huge pieces to the life-long learning process which are all learned in the classroom.  

At the end of the day, attendance in school has many benefits beyond simply learning basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills.  Showing up sets you up for success~both at school and in life!  

Carpe Diem!!

Always learning,

Ms. Odegard
Posted by On 29 November, 2016 at 2:49 PM  

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