A Strong Parent~Teacher Team 
We all know that there is a direct correlation between parent/guardian involvement and student success in school.  With conferences coming up in the next two weeks, there are a few things that will enhance the connection between home and school creating a teamwork concept between parents and teachers.

1.  Set the tone.  It is normal to have questions at the beginning of the school year.  Building a strong relationship with the teacher can be done by showing your appreciation for what they are doing.  Ask questions respectfully  when they arise and have a positive dialogue to remedy any concerns.  Keep in touch with the teacher often; don't wait for issues to arise.

2.  Be positive.  All students have both strengths and weaknesses.  Enjoy hearing about the strengths of your child, but also be prepared to listen to areas of growth and be able to have a dialogue about how to best help your child.  Working with the teacher to improve any weaknesses will benefit everyone in the equation.

3.  Choose words carefully.  "Think before you speak" is a wonderful adage to remember.  Rather than demanding, make a polite request.  A helpful thing to think about is using We or I statements instead of You statements.  Remember:  the teacher is your teammate!

As the year progresses, that direct and positive line of communication will only benefit your child's experience at school.  That parent-teacher team is a benefit for everyone!

Always learning,

Ms. Odegard
Posted by On 04 November, 2016 at 10:03 AM  

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