Character Education~What is it all about? 
In society today, we hear a lot about 'Character' and 'Character Education', but what is it really all about?  Does Character have a different meaning in a different setting?  The short answer is no.  At Appleton~Milan Elementary School, we began our SOAR initiative last school and we are continuing it this school year.  We focus on being Safe, staying On Task, have a positive Attitude, and showing Respect.  All of these components tie directly into educating our students on Positive Character.  
On a daily basis, our entire staff embeds positive character components and values into our curriculum.  Whether students are in the lunchroom eating breakfast, learning Math, or lining up for the bus at the end of the school day, we expect our students to treat everyone with kindness and respect.  Are there other more specific values we should be focusing on?  That is an interesting question and again the short answer is no.  When we take the opportunity to point out examples of positive character during everyday teaching and learning, we are showing students that positive character isn't removed from their everyday experiences and there are numerous ways to be respectful.  

As the school year progresses, we will continue to focus on ways in which our students can learn and then demonstrate positive character traits in our building.  At home and out in the community, I would challenge other adults to encourage our children to show and share how they can be positive role models to others.  Good character can be displayed anywhere in the community and our ultimate goal is to reinforce positive behavior and create citizens who will make a positive impact in our own communities and in our world.   

Always learning,

Ms. Odegard
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