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As the school year starts winding down, Motivation to learn tends to wain.  However, as educators we know that Motivation is the key to success in school and in life.  In a school building, we all want our students to want to learn.  What are some ways you as parents can motivate students at home? 1.  Stay involved.  Parental involvement will only benefit a child.  Parents can monitor study time and discuss progress with the teacher. 2.  Be adaptable.  Stay positive even if your child struggles in school.  Work with the teacher to find ways to help your child at home that will carry over at school. 3.  Encourage independence.  Give your child choices on which subject to work on first or provide different time limits to complete tasks. 4.  Give positive & specific feedback.  Say things like, "You answered those questions correctly~great job!" or "I can tell you put a lot of effort into that assignment."  5.  Continue & expand the learning process.  Take a family field trip to the local county museum or science museum.  This will show your child that you like to learn and want them to learn more as well. There are many ways to motivate young learners.  What are some ways you can think of? Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
Posted by Guest  On Mar 28, 2017 at 3:05 PM