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We all know that reading is so very important to success now and in the future.  What are some ways parents and guardians can help children with developing skills they will carry with them throughout their school years and beyond? 1.  Read more complex books.  This will push children to learn new words, ideas, and facts.  It will also expose children to more complicated plots and topics. 2.  Select books with some familiarity.  Knowing something about the topic or setting will make a tough book easier to understand.  If your child is reading a book set in Japan, encourage your child to talk with someone who may have lived there or look up facts about the country online. 3.  Do further research using an easier resource.  Investigating a topic using a picture book may help with understanding a difficult topic.  For example, read a picture book about Harriet Tubman when doing research on Civil Rights. These tips are just the 'tip of the iceberg'.  The important piece is to read, read, read! During this month of celebrating, "I Love to Read" let's all pick up a book and read everyday for 30 minutes!! Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke
Posted by Guest  On Feb 14, 2017 at 11:43 AM