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This week we are hosting the spring Scholastic Book Fair.  What a great time to motivate and encourage reading, not only at school, but also at home.  Reading is a skill that will help all children not only during their 'reading classes', but in all areas of their studies.  Teachers work diligently to guide their students and motivate them to read.  How can you encourage reading on the home front?  Here are a few tips to get you started: 1.  Get the right books for your reader.  Depending on your child's ability, you might select books with more pictures than words and vice versa.  Check with your child's teacher to find out what would be skill level appropriate books for your child. 2.  Be a good listener.  When your child is reading to you, don't correct or interrupt!  Your child is using learned techniques to sound out words.  Have fun with the story~laugh and use words of encouragement! 3.  Assist your child when necessary.  If your child stumbles on a word, say the word and then model how to sound it out. 4.  Give lots of praise!  Compliment your child on how well they are doing.  Keep things positive.  Avoid criticizing your child.  Your child may lose confidence if she only hears negative comments. Another way to encourage reading is to ask your child to 'Wonder Why?' something happened in a story.  This simple question gets students to think freely and might boost motivation to answer questions. The bottom line: read with your child!  It is a gift that keeps on giving! Always learning, Mrs. Heinecke  
Posted by mheinecke  On Apr 10, 2018 at 12:37 PM 37 Comments